SOAPA Conference

The Blood of Christ Conference
Heb 9:14

Wednesday Oct 8th to Sunday Oct 12th

Atlanta, GA

Heb 9:14 How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?


We are serving God by the bold and unashamed proclamation of Biblical Truth.

This kind of open air preaching (our service to God) has been deemed as unacceptable and offensive by worldly Christians that sit in luke warm churches of our day. Luke warm Christians that are only interested in serving man! This conference is about the Biblical method of preaching in service to the King of Kings. We preach Biblical Truth in the open air to sinners bound for Hell without apology.

In these latter days of rampant Biblical illiteracy it is no surprise that the character and attributes of the God of the Bible are terribly misunderstood if understood at all by the vast majority of professing Christians. Sadly, this can even be applied to pastors, ministry leaders and campus chaplains...those who have been around the church for a while and should frankly know better! This problem is largely due to the fact that the character and attributes of the God of the Bible are virtually unknown with one minor exception. There is one attribute that is magnified and isolated by itself to the exclusion of all the other attributes. What attribute of God might that be you ask? When presented by itself, in isolation, as the singular Truth that everyone needs to know about the nature and charachter of God, it becomes a misleading representation of the God of the Bible. The attribute we are talking about is of course the Love of God. What many people believe is that God is all love and no hate. That the love of God is so strong that it will save sinners from Hell. That God loves everyone no matter what kind of person they are, what they believe in, what they do with their life, what choices they make and what they choose to believe. That the love of God is passionate, sweet, non-judgmental and literally being poured out on everyone irrespective of their religious beliefs or lifestyle choices. This concept of the God of passionate love is no different than Cupid worship. People believe in and worship a god that does not exist but for the small space of gray matter between their ears!  Yes, it is true that when one surveys the college campus or the man on the street or even the Bible school student one is very apt to find that these people have redefined and feminized the character and attributes of the God of the Bible to suit their own vain imaginations! They have created a god in the likeness of their own imagination. The God of the Bible is a FEARFUL and DREADFUL Divine Being. He is the God of both the Old and New Testaments.

What is it that shall accompany the faithful preaching of the un-compromised WORD of God?  Signs and Wonders shall follow them. Holy Ghost inspired open air preaching will put the enemies of Jesus Christ to public shame.Biblical open air preaching will exhault the NAME above all names while putting sinners on notice that unless they repent of their sins and believe the Gospel they shall spend enternity in the Lake of Fire!