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Atlanta Conference October 7th - 11th 2015

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SOAPA Conference Dates October 7th - 11th 2015

The Atlanta SOAPA Conference is a teaching/preaching event that incorporates lectures and messages on the subject of open air preaching along with real life application. Live practice sessions on the street corner and college campus will be part of the Conference agenda. This is a Conference designed for those who have heard the call of God to go into all the world and PREACH the Gospel. At this Conference you will enter the harvest field and work along side likeminded brethren to advance the cause of Christ in this Gospel hardened and sinful world.

Our Speakers

Bro. Ruben Israel

Event Preaching Specialist

Bro. John Kranert

Professor of Open Air Preaching

Pastor Dave Gibson

Pastor/Teacher/Open Air Preacher

Bro. James Lyman

Seasoned Veteran of Open Air Preaching

Our Speakers

Bro. Jesse Morrel

College Campus Preaching Specialist

Bro. Ross Jackson

Campus Holiness Preacher

Bro. John McGlone

Open Air Evangelist

Bro. Petar

Sin Hating Street Preacher

Our Speakers

Bro. Micah Armstrong

College Campus Preaching Machine

Bro. Ron May

Old Rugged Cross Preacher

Bro. Greg S.

Preacher of True Repentance

Bro. Jeff Garner

Preacher of True Obedience to God

Topics in Program:

You Are Not Alone!

For those who may be thinking that they are the only one left who still believes in the Holy Ghost inspired, inerrant Word of God...You are not alone! For those who think that they are the only one left that still believes that marriage is only between one man and one woman...You are not alone! For those who may think that we are living in an age that is just like it was in the days of Noah...You are not alone!

Sin, is sin just a metaphysical concept?

What does the Bible say about SIN? Should the subject of sin be brought up when we preach the Gospel? Isn't the message of the Gospel all about the love of God. If so then why would you want to even talk about sin? Does God still punish sin and sinners? If the God of the Bible loves sinners then why would anyone want to preach against sin? Why not just preach the love of God and leave it at that?


It's no secret, America has become a promoter of vile wickedness on a global scale. Promoting abortion, debauchery, pornography, sexual perversion and greed on a scale never witnessed before in the history of mankind. Billy Graham once said "If God does not judge America for it's promotion and acceptance of sodomy then He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorah for turning those cities into ash". Well, apparently we are living on borowed time and the end is not yet so we must preach His Word with even greater fervency than ever. Time is running out and unless America wakes up and shakes off the hand of the sodomites we are a nation doomed to reap the rewards of our collective sins.

The Superiority of Christianity

Many people think that all religions are the same and that it does not matter what you believe as long as you beleive something. This same person takes great offense at the Biblical doctrine of Salvation by the Blood of Jesus. These people fancy themselves as being contemporary thinkers, politically correct in their views, inclusive and non-judgmental. What kind of message should you deliver to the same crowd that believes "it's all good" and that it will all work out in the end because God is a nice guy and will forgive everyone because that's His job...

Conclusion to the SOAPA Conference

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