• Preach the Word!
  • Preach it from the housetops!

Join us for the annual Atlanta Open Air Preachers Conference

The Atlanta SOAPA Conference is a teaching/preaching event that incorporates lectures and messages on the subject of open air preaching along with real life application. Live practice sessions on the street corner and college campus will be part of the Conference agenda. This is a Conference designed for those who have heard the call of God to go into all the world and PREACH the Gospel. At this Conference you will enter the harvest field and work along side likeminded brethren to advance the cause of Christ in this Gospel hardened and sinful world.


America is in a moral free fall, you see it on the news, in the classrooms, on the campus, in the government and sadly in the Church. What does the Word of God say about the false professors of religion, the ungodly, the unholy, the worldly minded?

The problem is defined in John 3:16 and is the theme for this year's conference...

"They Love The Darkness"

The Lukewarm Generation...

What does the Bible say about those that profess to love God but deny Him by their works?

We need a Holy Ghost Revival in America

What part does the street preacher play in bringing about a revival in the land?.