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315 E. Evergreen Kalispell, Montana

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You are not alone

Come join us for another year in the great state of Montana, where one can see how "Heaven Declares the Glory of God" without a megaphone.

Arrival date is Wednesday Aug. 17, join us that evening for a large dinner and testimonies 

Convention starts Aug 18-21 2016 (Thursday-Sunday)

Breakfast served daily from 7:30-9AM

Conference starts daily at 9:15A with worship, prayer, reading from Martyrs Mirror, testimonies and teaching where the theme this year is PECULIAR.

“Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works” Titus 2:14

We will break for lunch and dinner, every night there will be fellowship and preaching in a couple small towns. Come get edified and tooled with great fellowship from saints nationwide who are not ashamed. We ask for $100.00 per person and that covers room and all meals. Families are priced different, so contact Ruben at for details

Please send your conformation checks early to reserve rooms. 

Make checks payable to: Philip Klevmoen Box 5119 Whitefish, MT 59937

Each day is filled with worship and lecturers, along with an evening for fellowship around the campfires and one day is reserved for evangelizing in public.

We are asking for a $100.00 donation in advance to help cover all meals, and with that money you can get a room in the gym. Just bring sleeping bags or mats, blankets and your towel. There are showers and bathrooms for those staying at the gym and extra rooms at the Church if needed. Money is not for profit as all money sent is only to help defer costs for the host. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served, along with drinks and snacks.

Wish to stay outside? No problem, bring a tent. Have an RV? No problem, there is plenty of room to park and you can use showers and bathrooms inside the gym. Need to store certain foods for a diet? No problem, there is a large kitchen and we can accommodate.

Make checks payable to:

Philip Klevmoen
P.O. Box 5119
Whitefish, Mt. 59937

*If $100.00 is not paid in advance, we ask for $150.00 at the door.
*Arrival days will be Wed August 17 and departure days will be on Sunday August 21.

Got questions?

Contact Ruben Israel

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