Sept 20-23

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Mark Your Calendar!
September 20th - 23rd Cincinnatti SOAPA Conference
6:12 And they went out, and preached that men should repent.
Cincinnatti SOAPA Conference theme:
"What men preached in the Bible"
Modern day "Lifestyle Enhancement Messages"

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Get Revived and Edified

We will have a line-up of speakers that will edify you to be bold for Jesus and we will also have a free speech attorney who has helped us on many cases nationwide, he will speak on your rights on that sidewalk and after his session, there will be a window for Q&A with him. For the three days of the conference we will read from Martyrs Mirror and teach from the Holy Bible in the mornings and afternoon, in during the evening we will preach outdoors at various events in Cincinnati.

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Hear From Different Speakers

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The open air movement is growing. Bring your family and join us for teaching, fellowship, buying banners, shirts, preach Bibles and other tools. Come listen and know your rights on the sidewalk and get exhorted to proclaim God’s word in public, because you are not alone.

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See God Move During the Street Preaching

Make plans NOW to attend the first ever SOAPA Cincinnatti Conference in September...

= COST =
The host Church has many rooms to keep a number of us in one of their buildings, where we will have a large kitchen and plenty of room for the conference.

We are asking for $100.00 per person and families $150.00 that will give you breakfast, lunch and a room, evening meals you are on your own. There are several refrigerators in the kitchen if you wish to bring particular meals you may need. If you wish to sponsor someone or a family, just let us know and you can subsidize a person or family.

The money we are asking for not only goes for meals and drinks but a donation for the host Church that supports our public service.
Mail checks to
John Williams
P.O.Box 1233
Norwalk, CA 90650 


Contact Ruben Israel at for more details and where to send your check in joining us

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What is SOAPA?

SOAPA is not a denomination and does not require a specific denominational affiliation for all of its associates. Our basic requirement is that one must be born again of the Spirit of God, repent of all known sin, believe in the divinity of Christ, love the Lord Jesus and live a holy life. SOAPA is an "elastic" association of "like minded" individuals that come from a diversity of backgrounds and Christian affiliations and traditions.Titus 1:4 “To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour” Paul wrote to Titus and used the words ‘common faith’ as we may differ on many doctrinal points that are not salvation pending but agree on the ‘common faith’

SOAPA is a diverse association of Spirit led, born again Christians who have experienced a Divine unction constraining and compelling them to carry out the uncommon and unusual task of Open Air Preaching. This work is carried out every day on College and University Campuses as well as public streets and sidewalks in accordance with the Biblical mandate found in Mark 6:12 and 2 Tim 4:2. In light of 2 Tim 4:2 and with a view to the model set forth by the prophets, apostles, John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus Christ, we go forth preaching the uncompromising and complimentary truths of Divine LAW and Divine GRACE. We share a common vision, sense a common purpose, experience a common calling and go forth into the highways and hedges with a common mission.Titus 1:4;
“To Titus, mine own son after the common faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Saviour”
Paul wrote to Titus and used the words ‘common faith’ as we may differ on many doctrinal points that are not salvation pending but agree on the ‘common faith’

We consider it a great honor and privilege to participate with our Lord in His compassionate work of reaching lost souls through the preaching of His uncompromising and glorious Word. We preach on the guilt and just condemnation of sinners and proclaim the only means by which they may obtain a divine pardon for their multiplied iniquities...We boldly preach the blood soaked cross of Christ to a reprobate and Gospel hardened generation. In so doing, we are often maligned and branded as "Bible Thumpers" in these latter days of post-modernism, easy believism, rampant moral depravity and antinomianism. We share in the bond of affliction with the Apostle Paul, most of us having suffered various forms of diverse persecutions at the hands of so-called brothers in Christ, apostates, and secular pagans. We often taste the bitter cup of consternation by those self-appointed guardians of hard line doctrinal positions that are used to divide the brethren.

We encounter contention with civil authorities, and no small amount of resistance from within the ranks of Christendom for whom we pray and intercede daily. We categorically reject the prevailing attitudes and philosophies of the Neo-Evangelical or Pop-Christian philosophy and culture where it is reported that there is now an eleventh and twelfth commandment...
11. Thou shalt ONLY speak positive things!
12. Thou shalt not make righteous judgments!
Our hope is that when Christ returns He will find us busy at work in the harvest fields reproving, rebuking and exhorting all who will to turn from sin and place their faith, hope and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation.

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Thinking about serving God in public, perhaps this short clip will help respond to the call